Rollercoaster Extreme

Rollercoaster Extreme 1.0.0

Riding through cityscapes


  • Fun gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Smooth framerates


  • Can get repetitive


Rollercoaster Extreme is a fun time-based arcade game.

The purpose of Rollercoaster Extreme is to speed through the track while collecting speed boosts and avoiding different hazards. While the tracks are linear, there is a great variety of twists and turns as you ride.

Rollercoaster Extreme’s visuals are great, with the environments in each track portraying a lot of detail. Framerates are smooth and there is not any slowdown or frame skips even when at the top of the levels. The game accurately shows off the speed and physics of riding a rollercoaster.

Gameplay in Rollercoaster Extreme consists of riding through each track and collecting speed boosts that add to your score and provide boosts to assist in getting through the slower parts of the track. You also have to duck under brake hazards and avoid other obstacles like going under a bridge. Each time you hit a hazard, the rollercoaster is slowed down significantly.

Rollercoaster Extreme is a fun arcade experience that uses the accelerometer to control the player and two buttons – one for ducking and the other for speed boosts.

Rollercoaster Extreme is a perfect pick-up-and-play game.

Rollercoaster Extreme


Rollercoaster Extreme 1.0.0

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